History of Pencil

Pencils are more than 500 years old...

In 1564there was a place called Ian Barrodale in England.People found a black mineral -graphite. Like the lead, graphite could be written on paper. It trace is more black than lead.Therefore, people called graphite "black lead." At

that time,it is commonly used in taking marks on sheep . Inspired by this, graphite was cut into small pieces for writing and painting. Before long, king George ii got the graphite mine putting it as a royal patent.

In 1761, the German chemist Faber solved the problem :He ground graphite raw material into powder, rinsing it with water to obtain pure graphite powder.Then he added sulfur, antimony and rosin to the graphite powder.The mixture was then heated and solidified .finally,it was pressed into the shape of a pencil. This is the earliest prototype of a pencil.

In1932 first pencil factory of China invested by Chinese businessman.It was established in Kowloon, HongKong. Later it moved to Chinese Mainland.

Today, pencil are lead made of graphite or added pigment clay.As medium of painting,It is used for learning, office, engineering drawing, painting and all kinds of markers .It becomes one of the necessary tools.

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