About Us

Is a brand with technical innovation.

PASLER  inherits the historical mission and creates the exquisite and high-end pencils with our inventive mind. PASLER makes more people enjoy the fun of painting and makes your paintings more incisive and vivid.

An outstanding industrial team...

PASLER has a professional team and is committed to developing production and improving the new technology.To assure the quality,safely and reliability of our products is our primary goal.The strict quality control begins from material purchasing to every single process to make sure that our products sold are safe and high-quality ones.

PASLER Pencil Factory

With the motto of”A handy tool makes a hand man”,Pasler Pencil Factory is well equipped with the advanced and effective production equipment,and Pasler Pencil has a leading position on quality in the pencil industry.

A global eco-environmental protection consciousness.

To be environmental-friendly and reduce the impact on the environment,Pasler efinitely never uses the uncertified timbers.At the same time,Pasler has always been advocating the environmental concept of cherishing trees,so we have always been trying to improve our production processes,reduce wastes and the best use of existing resources.

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